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Gerald Caba is at his best when taking on new challenges. After attending the University of New Mexico for Engineering, he then attended a program for Marine Technology in Santa Barbara, obtained a California, Class “A” General Engineering Contractor's license, North Sea Bell Diving Certification and an Underwater Non-Destructive Testing Certification. This combination of engineering and the ocean suited him perfectly. While working offshore in that capacity, Gerald became proficient in Marine Engineering, Saturation Diving, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Hydrographic Survey, applying those skills to a vast array of services in the offshore environment. He went on to form companies in several countries to supply equipment and personnel matching a variety of subsea projects around the world providing ships, barges, deep diving systems, ROVs and geomatic services. These services and equipment are utilized for search and recovery, salvage, construction, scientific research, mining and military support.

Gerald now lives in Santa Barbara. His favorite hobbies are high altitude climbing and raising his four children. Both he and Frank enjoy large families forming a big noisy crowd when they visit each other. Gerald admires Franks eager appetite for new challenges and opportunities to find practical solutions for their customers.

Frank Lagattuta, M.D. (Dr. Lags), truly is a renaissance man. A leading innovator in the medical profession, he is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, electrodiagnostic and neuromuscular medicine, pain medicine, addiction medicine, as well as board eligible for obesity medicine. He oversees 40 clinics in five states. He developed the comprehensive, pioneering MAP pain program, which treats metabolic, anatomical and psychological disorders simultaneously in order to best treat chronic pain. He specializes in bringing healthcare to the underserved people in poorer communities, which requires resourcefulness, perseverance, and keen logistical and problem-solving skills. Dr. Lags also finds time to make wine on the Central Coast of California, and he breeds and races thoroughbred horses. He has known Gerald Caba for more than seven years, and appreciates the knowledge, experience and relationship-building skills he possesses – especially in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. Together, they bring a cumulative 80 years of entrepreneurial and practical experience to help you achieve your goals. They are hard-working, fair and – most importantly – like to “walk in your shoes” to get the project completed – correctly, on time and within budget.

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